Custom Lead Products

What are Custom Lead Products?

Our custom lead products are a one-off lead flashing detail to suit your custom requirements. Whilst at Bespoke Leadwork we provide tailored made flashings to suits your certain requirements, sometimes a more custom flashing is required. Whether you send us a drawing or take a photo of the situation with measurements, we can make the lead flashing for you.
Lead is an extremely versatile material and lends itself to many applications and details on roofs. Generally, when a roof changes pitch, hits an abutment or turns a corner lead is used as other roofing materials do not have the same properties as the lead. These situations are ideal for a custom lead product which is made specifically to suit your detail.

Types of Custom Lead Products

In most situations which require a custom lead product the detail will be very similar to our standard lead flashings but with alterations. The most common detail is a lead flashing abutting a wall, therefore, one side of the flashing will be standard, but the other side will have an upstand up the wall. Such as:

  • One sided front apron
    One sided front apron
  • One sided back gutter
    One sided back gutter
  • Valley abutment
    Valley abutment
  • Ridge abutment etc
    Ridge abutment etc
Certain situations require the custom lead flashing to be installed onsite and cannot be completely prefabricated in the workshop. However, generally if you can draw it, we can make it and you can fit it.

When to use our Custom Lead Products?

Depending on the roofing material being used will determine how much lead will be required. On slate and tiled roofs lead should be used for all the flashings for which most of our standard lead flashing should cater for this. However, if an unusual detail occurs then sketch the design required with measurement and we can fabricate the flashing for you. We can also provide an onsite visit if you do not feel confident about what you require.
On hard metal roofs, the flashings are generally made from the same material. However, lead is sometimes used when there is a complex junction. Due to leads malleability it can overcome many issues that hard metal materials cannot. Please note, that depending on the type of metal a separation barrier maybe required between the lead and the metal roof.

Why Choose Bespoke Leadwork for your Custom Lead Products?

Bespoke Leadwork are here to help you get the product you want. We can offer free advice on specific detail requirements and how to overcome problems. We can help you design your product or design the product for you based on your needs, either way we will get the job done.
All of our custom products will be made from 25kg sheet lead unless specified differently. All products will be manufactured to the highest quality made by experience lead workers and guarantee to last. Once fabricated the lead flashing will be coated with Patination oil to prevent the lead from oxidising prematurely.