Lead Capping


What Is Lead Capping?

Lead capping is where a sheet lead flashing is installed over a parapet to protect it so water does not penetrate through the building and cause damage to the parapet itself. Generally, the parapet will be constructed out of stone or brick and depending on whether the capping is flat or on a pitch will determine which jointing method is used. A lead capping is becoming increasingly popular in today’s construction industry due to the many benefits it provides.

Benefits of Lead Capping

There are many benefits of using lead capping, such as:

Stops water penetration

Whether stone or brick, water will penetrate and absorb into the wall which can then lead to dampness progressing down into the inside of the building. With the wall exposed to the weather conditions the stone or brick will eventually deteriorate and break down. By installing a lead capping, you will eliminate both issues and protect the wall for many years.

Aesthetically Pleasing

No one like to look at an old weather wall especially if it is showing signs of wear and tear. Installing a lead capping not only protects the wall by also improves the looks of the wall too. By covering up the broken/cracked stone and leaving a smooth grey finish.

Long Lasting

Lead is known to last well over 50 years if installed correctly, sometimes lasting over 100 years which outlasts any man-made alternative.

Protection from Weather & Corrosion

Lead is extremely durable and resistant to the weather and allthe other environmental factors, therefore, by using a lead capping you will protect the wall/parapet for a very long time.

Cost Effective

If a wall is already showing signs of wear and tear, then installing a lead capping is most cost-effective solution. Repairing stones is considerably more expensive than installing a lead capping, and if left uncovered the new stone will eventually deteriorate too. If covered with lead then you will most likely get away without any repair work and the wall will be protected from any further damage, will reduces future spending in repairs in the years to come.

Importance of Getting Experience Lead Specialists to Install Your Lead Capping

As with all leadwork and lead flashings it is extremely important to get them installed by a competent lead worker. If installed incorrectly many issues can arise which will cause the to fail, such as:
  • Over/under fixing
    Over/under fixing

    If the lead is over fixed then the movement of the lead will be restricted which will cause the lead to split and fail. If the lead is under fixed then the lead may pull out of the fixing causing it to move out. of position and potentially falling off the roof/wall.

  • Incorrect jointing methods
    Incorrect jointing methods

    If the incorrect jointing method is used, then not only might the leads movement be restricted causing it to split but water will most likely penetrate the joint

  • Incorrect sizes and/or code of lead
    Incorrect sizes and/or code of lead

    If the lead capping is installed is oversized lengths then the lead will fail due to thermal movement being restricted, the same holds true if the wrong code/thickness of lead is used also.

  • Incorrect fixings
    Incorrect fixings

    If the lead is fixed with an incompatible metal, then the lead will react with the fixing causing it to corrode which will eventually lead to the fixing failing.

Why Choose Bespoke Leadwork to Install your Lead Capping:

At Bespoke Leadwork we specialise in high quality leadwork, with over 15 years of experience we can handle any situation. We have installed thousands of meters of lead cappings over the years, on prestigious building such as Sydney Town Hall, St Marys Cathedral and many other churches and courthouses throughout Australia. Therefore by choosing us you guarantee that you will be getting:
  • Highly qualified and experienced lead specialists
    Highly qualified and experienced lead specialists
  • A 30-year guarantee on all new leadwork
    A 30-year guarantee on all new leadwork
  • A professional and friendly service
    A professional and friendly service