Lead Cornice

What Is a Lead Cornice?

A lead cornice is where sheet lead is used to cover an existing cornice to provide superior protection from the weather and other environmental elements. Traditionally, lead is used on sandstone cornices on buildings such as cathedrals and churches. It is becoming very common to install a lead cornice on existing building to preserve the longevity of the building.

Why use a Lead Cornice?

Installing a lead cornice has many advantages such as:

Preserves the lifespan of the building

Can be shaped over any shaped stone or cornice

Cheaper than stone replacement

A lead cornice flashing can last over 50 years

Improves the visual impact of the building

Lead is highly resistant to corrosion and the weather

Issues with Lead Cornice if installed incorrectly

It is very important when installing lead cornice as with any lead flashing that it is installed by a competent lead worker. Some of the common issues with poorly installed lead cornice are:

Water penetration

If the incorrect jointing method is used than it is highly likely that water will penetrate through the joint of the lead and still enter the building and/or damage the cornice itself.

Cracking/Splitting of Lead

If the lead is installed in oversized lengths and/or the incorrect jointing method is used, then the restriction of thermal movement will take place causing the lead to split and fail.

Lifting of Lead

If the leadis clipped insufficiently than the possibility of wind lift is greatly increased with the potential for the lead to be lifted out of position and fall off the building.

Incorrect Fixings

Lead cornice can fail if the lead is either under or over fixed and if the incorrect fixing is used. If over fixed, the leads movement will be restricted causing it to fail. If under fixed, the potential for wind lift increases. If the wrong fixing material is used, then the lead may react with the fixing causing the fixing to fail/deteriorate overtime.

Why Choose Bespoke Leadwork to Install your Lead Cornice?

At Bespoke Leadwork we specialise in all lead work including lead cornice. We have installed lead cornice on many prestigious heritage buildings all over Australia such as Sydney Town Hall, by choosing us you can guarantee that you will be getting:
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