Lead Dormers

What is a Lead Dormer?

A dormer is a roofed structure that sits on a sloping roof, the shape of the roof can be flat, pitched or curved and can vary in size depending on the building. A lead dormer is where sheet lead is used to cover the dormer structure to make it watertight. Lead can be used solely or in conjunction with other roofing materials to cover the dormer.

The most common parts of the dormer that are covered in lead are:

Lead Roof

Whether the lead dormer roof is flat, curved or pitched a lead roof is commonly used. The lead can be installed to overcome complex details yet still provide a superior finish and long-lasting protection from the weather.

Lead Cheeks

Lead sheet on the sides of the dormers are generally called lead cheeks or lead cladding. Depending on the size of the cheek, the lead will be in separate pieces joined together using a jointing technique called ‘welting.’

Lead Dormer Head

If the dormer has a pitched roof and has a window in it, then above the window is called a dormer head. It is very common to clad this in lead using the same ‘welting’ method as the dormer cheeks.

Lead Valleys

If the dormer roof is pitched then lead valleys will be required, these weather the junction between the existing roof and the new dormer roof.

Lead Flashings

Where the front and the sides of the dormers penetrate the roof, lead flashings will be required. At the front of the dormer, lead dormer corners will be required as well as an apron flashing, these lead flashings cover the top of the roofing tile and return up the face of the dormer. Depending on the roofing material, either lead soakers or lead apron flashing will be used on the sides of the dormer.

Advantages of using a Lead Dormer

There are many advantages of using lead to either partially or to completely cover the dormer, these are:
  • Longevity

    Lead dormers are proven to last 50 – 100 years

  • Maintenance Free
    Maintenance Free

    Once the lead is installed it never requires any work again. No paint, no special treatments and nomaintenance are needed for the lifetime of the lead.

  • Corrosion-resistant

    Lead dormers are highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions, which is very important when building in coastal areas.

  • Cost-Effective

    After the initial outlay of installing the lead dormers, there are no more costs for you to incur. Therefore, if compared to the life span of other materials lead becomes a cost-effective option.

Common Issues with a Lead Dormer

As with most lead work, the common issue is with the lead failing due to poor workmanship and incorrect installation. A lead dormer as with all lead should only be installed by experienced lead workers who have been trained and taught the traditional skills of how to work with lead correctly.
Another issue that can arise if not installed by experienced tradesmen, is that white staining can appear on the lead and even run down onto the roof. When freshly installed all lead should be cover with patination oil, this stops the lead from oxidising, therefore, stopping the white staining.

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