Lead Ridge

What is a Lead Ridge?

Lead ridge is a traditional heritage method of weathering theapex of a roof. A wood-cored timber roll is fixed into the ridge tree and sheet lead is manipulated around the wood roll and extended past the top of roof tile. A correct installed lead ridge has been known to last over a century and outlast the roofing material it is weathering. Lead is not limited to the ridge as it can also be used on the hips of the roof.Lead Ridge and lead hips are generally used on slate roofs however, they can also be used on both tiles and certain metal roofs. The size of the timber roll increases as the size of the roof increases to ensure the lead ridge is aesthetically pleasing.

Why Use Lead Ridge?

There are many advantages of using lead ridge as supposed to alternative ridge tiles, these include:
  • Maintenance Free
    Maintenance Free

    Correctly installed lead ridge does not require any maintenance, it will not crack, fall down the roof, need painting or sealing of any kind. Once fitted you will not need to worry about it again for the rest of your life.

  • Value for Money
    Value for Money

    Whilst lead ridge has a slightly higher initial outlay, in the long run due to the longevity of the lead it works out to be the more cost-effective option.

  • Lifespan

    Lead ridge is known to last over 100 years.

  • Helps reduce Lichen
    Helps reduce Lichen

    Installing lead ridge helps reduce the build up of lichen on a roof. The water run off from the lead helps stop the lichen from growing on the slate.

  • Malleable

    Due to the malleability of lead, it can be used for curved hips and any other complex detail without compromising the waterproofing.

Components of a Lead Ridge

The standard lead ridge sheet is 1.5m long and should made from a minimum of 25kg Code 5 sheet lead. However, it gets a little more complex when you reach either the end of the roof or an abutment such as a chimney or parapet wall. Bespoke Leadwork can prefabricate these items to suit any situation and any roof style or pitch. We provide:

Lead Ridge Abutments

These lead flashings are used when the lead ridge butts into a chimney or a gable. The ridge abutments have a welded upstand ensuring there is enough water coverage up the chimney and the strength of the lead sheet has not been compromised

Lead Ridge Roll Ends

These lead flashings are usedat the end of either the lead ridge or lead hip. Most commonly it is used as a starter panel for lead hips. The lead sheet is bossed and correctly dressed around the wood roll leaving a smooth roll end without creases or welds

Lead Ridge End Caps

These lead flashings are used at the end of the lead ridge on the verge or gable end of the roof. The lead ridge end caps have a welded downturn which is provided additional cover from driving rain protecting the top joint of the facia boards

Lead Ridge is a premium product which should be fitted by lead specialists. By choosing Bespoke Leadwork to install your lead ridge you can rest assured knowing that you will have the best lead workers in Sydney completing your work and that all workmanship is guaranteed for 30 years. We are here to help and provide a premium service.