Lead Roof

What Is Lead Roofing?

A lead roof is where sheet lead is used to completely cover a roof area. A lead roof can be used for roofs in all shapes and sizes, whether it is a flat roof, pitched roof or curved roof. Lead has been used for roofing for centuries and is used on many of the historic buildings in Australia, such as Cathedrals, Churches and many more. However, it is not limited to heritage buildings and can be used on residential properties also.
There are many advantages to choosing lead for your roofing requirements, such as:

Suits flat, pitched, and curved roofs


Maintenance free


Cost Effective

Eco- friendly

Demand a Long Lifespan of your Roof with Lead Roofing

Choosing to cover your roof with lead will ensure your roof will last a very long time. Lead has been used in the building industry for centuries because it is extremely durable and is highly resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors. Lead roofing is used on historic buildings as lead roofs have been known to last over 100 years, proving to be the material of choice when longevity is required.

Go Green with Lead Roofing

Lead is 100% recyclable. In fact, most lead used in today’s building sector is made from recycled sources. It also enjoys the lowest carbon footprint among hard metals like copper, zinc and stainless steel. All these put lead on the list of eco-friendly building materials. Picking lead roofing for your building restoration project, thus, allows you to contribute to promoting a greener environment.

Save More with Lead Roofing

While lead can be a costly option, its long-term benefits outweigh the initial costs. Due to its durability and longevity, you will be able to save money on constant repairs or replacement. This makes lead a cost-effective solution in the long term because you will spend less to zero on maintenance costs. Therefore, making lead roofing the best option for your building requirements.

Versatility of Lead Roofing

One of the main advantages of a lead roof is the versatility of lead. A lead roof can get over almost all potential problems or issues that might arise when replacing or installing a new roof. Lead is extremely malleable and can also be cut and welded to cover any shaped roof required. A lead roof uses several jointing techniques to ensure a 100% waterproof joint, the main 2 joints used are welting and wood roll joint. Which joint is used will depend on the roof design, therefore seeking an experience lead specialist for advice is recommended prior to building your roof structure.

Why Choose Bespoke Leadwork to Install your Lead Roof?

At Bespoke Leadwork we are highly experienced and specialise in all areas of lead work especially lead roofing. Our team are not only lead specialists but are also offer friendly professional service. Our long 30-year guarantees prove the confidence in our workmanship and product. By choosing Bespoke Leadwork you can guarantee that your lead roof will not only be 100% waterproof but will also become a feature point of your building.