Lead Slate

What is a Lead Slate?

A lead slate is a lead flashing used where a pipe or a structure penetrates the roof. The lead slate is fitted around the pipe and welded onto a lead base which is then covered by the roofing tiles to make it completely watertight.
A lead slate can be made to suit any pipe, any penetration, and any roof pitch. As the size of the pipe increases the size of the base will also need to increase to ensure there is enough coverage of the side of the lead flashing.
At the junction between the top of the lead slate and the pipe, a weathering collar is used to prevent water from penetrating between the lead and the pipe. If the pipe does not have a weathering collar, then the joint between the lead and pipe must be sealed with a high-quality sealant such as Silkaflex.

Why chose a Lead Slate over Rubber Flashing?

A lead slate has been used for well over a hundred years and has been proven time after time to last the distance.Leads outstanding durability and ability to handle the most severe weather conditions and is highly corrosion-resistant. Newly-made rubber equivalents are no match, whilst some offer guaranteeson their resistance to corrosion and UVthey have barely been in the market let alone proven to last the distance. A lead slate is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and compliments the roof, whereas a rubber flashing sticks out and brings out a cheapness look to the roof.

Lead Slate Dimensions

All lead slates should have a minimum of 150mm cover around the lead pipe and the lead pipe should be welded to the lead sheet base with a minimum upstand at the back of the pipe of 150mm. This upstand should be increased as the roof pitch and diameter of the pipe increases, if the height is not increased there is potential for the weathering collar to clash with the roof.
The standard lead slate sizes range from 65mm – 350mm, however, any size pipe can be accommodated.
When ordering a lead slate there are only two measurements required:

The external diameter of the pipe

The pitch of the roof

If there are more specific requirements other than the standard 150mm coverage around the pipe, these measurements will also be required.

Why you should purchase your Lead Slate from Bespoke Leadwork?

All of our lead slates are made to suit your exact requirements, no matter the size of the pipe and pitch of the roof

We only use the finest 25kg Calder sheet lead for our lead slates to ensure longevity

Our trained lead specialists weld the pipe to the base guaranteeing the lead slate is completely sealed

All work is guaranteed

We also offer in-situ installation services, if required